There are more videos to come. Enjoy these.

The Tempest is my first feature.  My partner Flint and I did the adaptation, she produced and I directed.  The most amazing and talented J. Karen Thomas played Prospero.  We shot the film in thirteen days.  Our locations were downtown under the 4th Street bridge, and the old garage named Champs on Santa Monica across from what used to be Trader Joe’s at Fuller.  At the time, digital was just peeking its head out from the covers, but because the rentals were so expensive, we went with SD.  The flashbacks were shot on Super 8 B&W reversal film.  The folks that worked on and in the film were fabulous and  it’s a terrific film because of them.



The idea for The Scrapbook came to me in that fuzzy time right as you’re waking in the morning.  And I knew right away that Kelly Carlin, George Carlin’s daughter, should play The Woman.  Kelly is a wonderful artist and understood what I wanted from the character.  It’s a study in restraint.



When Night Falls is the first in a trilogy of wacky serial killer/horror/comedies.  I tried a new approach and after watching it again recently, I believe I’ve figured out an edit that needs to be made.  Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. Important information is revealed.



“…the fan!” is the first short film I directed many years ago.  Before venturing into scripted, I produced and directed industrials and marketing videos. The aforementioned Flint wrote the film.   It was done in Atlanta and we shot on 16mm.  Our transfer was to tape, and this version is a copy of a copy so it’s a bit fuzzy.



This is the trailer for The Tempest