A series of random photos2016-02-05 03.56.06.jpg2016-02-05 03.55.30.jpg2016-02-05 03.55.07.jpg2016-02-05 03.54.51.jpg2016-02-05 03.53.17.jpg2016-02-05 03.52.05.jpg2016-02-05 03.50.54.jpg2016-02-05 03.50.32.jpg2017-07-22 00.28.09.jpg2017-07-22 00.26.48.jpg

2017-05-31 07.03.55.jpg2017-07-21 23.42.10.jpg

A recent series of photography. These are heavy Kosta Boda glasses that broke.

2017-05-31 06.42.19.jpg2017-05-31 06.37.34.jpg2017-05-31 06.33.56.jpg2017-05-31 06.32.22.jpg2017-05-31 06.28.13.jpg2017-05-31 06.24.26.jpg2017-05-31 06.23.09.jpg2017-05-31 06.21.20.jpg2017-05-31 06.19.10.jpg2017-05-31 06.18.26.jpg




I’ve been playing around with color balance on some different objects. My new toy is a cow baby.

2017-06-02 06.47.55.jpg2017-06-02 06.46.36.jpg2017-06-02 06.46.09.jpg2017-06-02 06.35.32.jpg


New photos from 3 April 2016

DSC_0118 DSC_0120 DSC_0121 DSC_0122 DSC_0128 DSC_0129

Some new, some old.







2012-10-24 03.30.07 1

2012-10-22 05.12.15

2012-10-22 05.00.392012-10-18 03.22.122012-10-18 03.37.522012-10-18 03.22.40DSC_0081DSC_00802013-09-15 19.24.02_DSC0398_DSC0186DSC_0113

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