Welcome to chaos!

Welcome. We appreciate you taking time to meander through our site. Browse through the pages and watch a few things along the way.

TODAY: Take some time and watch my version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. We experimented with gender and race. Pretty heady stuff.

New photographs posted. A series of random photos plus shots of Kosta Boda glass

I’ll post more in the coming days. Especially the eggs and dead mouse.

New  video for The Longing coming out soon called How Do You Know. Photos from the shoot are on flockofkittens.com.

Comments always welcome–please be nice.

Thanks for dropping by.

One thought on “Welcome to chaos!

  1. Since 1994, I have committed 11 crimes.
    … .you will discover some links … .. Such as the execution of the 7 monks by G.I.A … .then 20 years later, the Bataclan. It happened in Algeria, then in Ireland via London …then Syria and Iraq ..Tel-Aviv … Sinai … back to Algeria and it always continues
    here is the first 3 series of the legend of the damned:
    ACTORS : me + my son + 5 most influential members of the sect
    21,769 words 85 pages
    screenplay written by: Jamal Benbrahmi
    email: sanheim45@gmail.com


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