My partner Deb Spidell and I produced two seasons of The Green Room with Paul Provenza for Showtime.  Because of the the success of the show, we were contacted by Michael Elias at Showtime to produce a New Year’s Eve special for them.  And as it turned out, they also needed a director.  So I raised my hand.  Ben Schwartz is a comic genius.  The entire cast was a delight to work with.  Can you believe we shot with seven cameras on the very small stage at UCB on Franklin?



I love politics.  It’s  the biggest show on earth.  This script came out of my frustration with the people and the process.  I wanted to see a candidate that wasn’t politically correct; who was flawed. And who was not afraid to speak up.  So I wrote The Accidental Candidate.  Deb produced and I directed.  Cast and crew–awesome.

NOTE:  I have since rewritten a portion of the script.


As I mentioned,  Deb and I produced two seasons of The Green Room with Paul Provenza.  I also directed two episodes when we were at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.


One thought on “Television

  1. Hi Ms. Cardina and Ms. Spidell. I’m an actor/screenwriter and would like to offer introductory material to a racially and culturally diverse, supernatural series, “The Veil.” There are 24, half-hour stories with no more than three locations, small casts and will be hosted by a mainstream artist who is greatly interested. I have a signatory agent and my info can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. Hopefully, you will receive this message. Best regards, Czerny Lee Miller


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